17th May 2017

Registration for Catechism 2017-2018

Dear Parents,

thank you for your interest in registering your child for catechism at the Sghajtar Pastoral Centre.

Please note the following:

If you have registered your child for catechism at our Centre last year, and he or she has been attending twice a week, or on Wednesdays, or on Saturdays, we will be giving your child a registration form during the next session. Please check that the details in the registration form are correct, read the terms and conditions, sign if you agree to them, and return the registration form to us by the 3rd of June. You may place the registration form in an envelope and post it in our letter box at any time of the day or send it with your child during his next catechism session. If any of the details have changed, kindly write the new information on the registration form before you hand it back to us.

If you would like to register your child for catechism for the first time at our Centre, kindly download the form below, print and fill in the required details.

Registration Form for Catechism (new applicants)

Should you have any problems, kindly send an email to Fr Ray at sghajtar@gmail.com

Unfortunately, for logistic and administrative reasons, it will not be possible to resolve any issues related to catechism by phone, sms or facebook messages. Thank you for understanding.

Fr Ray