8th December 2015

Faith Formation

Catechesis is all about formation – it is faith formation; the blessed act of handing on the Word of God and the Church’s teachings about Jesus Christ and the lifelong effort to form people and help them live a life of witnessing Jesus Christ, of feeling the love of the Father, and of opening their hearts to the Holy Spirit.

At our centre, we take this formation very seriously. Firstly, we believe that from a very young age, children need to get to know Jesus, not just to get to know about Jesus. We also believe that children must love their faith- hence our motto Catholic and loving it. Finally we believe that insertion into a Christian community would enable children to consider their church as another home, and to search for this homely love even after receiving their confirmation.

We strive to allow children to enjoy this formative journey. What delights their heart, and ours too, is that they engage themselves in activities they enjoy, such as singing, dancing, guitar playing or drama, and they learn how to use their talents for the service of others. It has added interest in the Bible, in the learning of the saints, it has changed the way we worship and it has given us the freedom to praise and worship God as we connect intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, and create a better Church in all its richness and vitality.