11th May 2018

Catechism 2019-2020

Welcome to the Catechism Program offered at the Sgħajtar Pastoral Centre

The catechism program taught at our Centre starts with an optional class for children born during the year 2014 (corresponding to Grade 1 at school). Compulsory catechism classes follow a seven-year course, the first year being for children (born in 2013) who will receive their First Holy Communion in May/June 2019, while the seventh year is for children (born in 2007) who will receive their Confirmation in November 2019. Beyond these compulsory classes, our Centre offers youth meetings, for youth aged 12-15 and 16-30.

At our centre, Catechism is based on a spiral curriculum that integrates the Catechism of the Catholic Church with Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching. Children are introduced and revisit concepts from one year to the next. This helps broaden their knowledge and deepen their experience.

Our motto is Catholic and Loving it. Our ultimate aim is to offer catechism classes that are effective, that are linked to the liturgy as the source and summit of Christian life and that help children and their parents to become part of our community of faith.

Throughout the years, our Centre offers three catechism programs. Kindly read the following and choose ONE option, signing the terms and conditions beneath the chosen option.

Catechism with the family – Catechism on Wednesdays

This is a one-hour programme, once a week (every Wednesday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm) in which parents and their children attend for catechism classes at the same time. Children (and their parents) will also be asked to attend the Saturday 7.30pm mass.

Catechism on Saturdays – Classes are all fully booked

This is a three-hour programme, held every Saturday from 3pm to 5.45pm, that is based on informal learning techniques and which includes a catechism lesson, a choir lesson, a prayers session, a break and a choice between drama, guitar, ukulele or dance class.

Children will also be asked to attend and animate the Saturday 6pm mass on a set date once a month. They will also actively participate during the Christmas Eve celebration that is held at the centre and which starts at 8pm and in other activities organised during the pastoral year.

Catechism during the week – The class is fully booked

This is a 45-minute catechism lesson, on Fridays between 4.30 and 5.15pm that is only available for children born in 2014. Please note that children born in 2014 who register for the Friday 4.30pm option will be given priority to apply for Saturday Catechism in the following year, as long as they have at least 75% attendance.

Any queries related to catechism must be sent via email on sghajtar@gmail.com. No queries via telephone, sms or facebook messages will be accepted.