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Centru pastorali Sghajtar
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Jubilee of Mercy 2015 - 2016

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Other people's stories
"Today I visited my grandmother who lives in a retirements home. She was very happy to see me because she didn't have any visitors for over a week. She told me that all she wanted for Christmas was to see the whole family united together. "

Jessica Francalanza, Naxxar

"I gave some of my clothes to charity."

Felicienne Micallef - Zebbug

"Donated my time into baking and decorating a special Christmas cake for a children's home. The look on their faces is priceless.."

Carmen Falzon - Mosta

"Today we had very bad weather and my friend was going to catch the bus to go home. Instead I offered him to drive him home and he accepted."

John Tanti - Mosta

"I shared my first-row seat during a play with a little girl who could not find a free chair so that she could watch properly her dad taking part."

Giorgio Micallef - Zebbug

"I had planned to spend a morning buying Christmas gifts as I was late in doing so. My cousin who had just given birth to a baby phoned me in a panicked state to instruct her how to prepare a bottle etc since her husband was suddenly called to work and her mother was in bed curing a bad cold. I decided to forget my shopping plans and go to her house to give her a helping hand. What I received was much more than what I gave, since on seeing her 4 day old baby, amidst the materialistic and consumeristic Christmas spree, I had the opportunity to focus on what Christmas is all about: God who so loved the world who decided to become one of us, to love us, to have mercy on us and to redeem us. I’m very thankful for this opportunity."

Mariella - Mosta

"Today I paid a bus ticket to the person infront of me because he did not have any money. He was very grateful for what I had done."

Grace Micallef - Attard


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